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Sabrina Baugh

The Brains and Heart

 Behind the Project


A Colorado Springs Native, Sabrina has participated in the music community from the early age of 10, starting her cello studies in District #3 and now teaching Orchestra in Colorado Springs District 11.  She met Thomas Wilson when she auditioned to be a part of his organization Young Concert Artist in 1999.  Ever since he has supported her growth and development as a teacher and musician.  Matter of fact they were having a discussion about how they  were coping with life during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Thomas had mentioned how much of a challenge it was to learn all of these online communication formats while continuing his full teaching load and it hit her.  We're in this teaching through the virtual world together and we want our musicians to continue playing.  How can we connect the two?  The professionals still want to play and the young musicians could really use a great example of what they could sound like.  So this project was born.  Thomas Wilson has always been an inspiration as a musician but more as a teacher and his dedication to his community and music education shows in his and the Chamber Orchestra of the Springs commitment to support us teachers.  

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